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Meet the Family First Chiropractic Team

Ashley, Patient Care Coordinator, Reno Office

AshleyThe smiling face you see when walking into the Reno office, Ashley was born and raised in Sacramento, before moving to Reno in 2001. She began working with Family First Chiropractic in 2014. She loves Reno because it has a big city feel while still being small. In her free time, Ashely loves to cook, paint and go on adventures with friends and her dog, Coco.

Her favorite part about being on the Family First Chiropractic team is that people are welcoming and loving from the first day you meet them. The patient stories inspire her and she loves how much of an impact FFC has on the community.

Tammy, Community Care Coordinator, Sparks Office

Tammy JLS_3707-Edit (002) Tammy is the mom to four wonderful boys, and spreads her mothering nature to everyone she meets!  Born and raised in Nevada Tammy loves to travel and camp, happily married for 15 years she and her husband make a habit of adventuring around the state.

Originally Tammy was a patient at Family First, and as a patient Family First made such a difference in her life that she had to work here.

Holly, Patient Care Coordinator, Reno Office

{PRACTICE NAME} - HollyI was born and raised in Visalia, Ca. in an amazing blended family with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, and 3 awesome parents, living separately of course. I have an A.S in Sports Medicine and practiced as a Certified Massage Therapist for 11 years in Visalia. I came to Reno in 2007, and am loving it here.

My little girl is the biggest blessing in my life! Some of my favorite activities include: cooking, jogging and more recently hiking.

I think Chiropractic is and should be important to people for preventive care. I believe keeping our bodies in alignment is necessary to keep our bodies functioning properly. Proper functioning keeps you feeling great and able to do the things you enjoy.

Preventive care, along with healthy eating and exercise habits, keeps you feeling great and able to do the things you enjoy which is very important to me. Addressing issues before symptoms arise in my opinion is the smartest way to live!

Family First Chiropractic stands out to me because of their family comes first stand point. The entire family is always welcome in our office. The environment here is welcoming and continuously happy. I feel like this is just another little family of mine, I love coming to work. I add cheerfulness, spice and a gigantic smile to this happy office. I’m a very friendly, fun-loving, organized person who strives to make people smile and get things right. To maintain my own personal health, I get chiropractic adjustments, massages, laugh often, exercise 4-6 times a week and make healthy food choices, including the necessary piece of chocolate every day!

Jen, Patient Care Coordinator, Sparks Office

{PRACTICE NAME} - JenJen has been working with Family First Chiropractic since 2005. Her favorite part about it is the energy of the staff and the daily interaction with patients. Jen is a positive, loving, and outgoing individual and knows that Family First Chiropractic stands out above the rest because of the relationship we develop between patients and team, making them more like friends and family.

In her spare time she Basque dances, fishes, travels, and spends quality time with her family and friends. She has a love for elephants and thinks music and laughing are keys to the soul. She embraces the time spent with her dog, RockoLove, and her favorite foods are leg of lamb, cheeseburgers, and mom’s meatloaf.

 Chase, Patient Care Coordinator, Sparks Office

ChaseInfo to come!

Katie, Financial Care Coordinator, Sparks Office

{PRACTICE NAME} - KatieKatie has been with Family First Chiropractic since 2006. Born and raised in the small town Wasilla, Alaska, Katie followed her parents down to Reno after graduating high school in 2004.

Katie really enjoys being at home with her family and friends and spending time with them is the top priority in her life. Katie loves to meet new people, and although she might be shy at first, she is quick to open up. Her contagious laugh and love for the young patients at FFC makes the whole office light up.

Cassandra, Financial Care Coordinator, Reno Office

Info to come!

Mona, Accounting Manager and Human Resources Manager

JLS_3747-Edit (002)Info to come!

Harkie, Patient Care Coordinator, Reno Office

HarkieInfo to come!

Missy, Patient Care Coordinator, Sparks Office


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