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Sparks Chiropractor, Dr. Cliff Fisher

“I’ve always favored a drug-free, natural approach to healthcare, so chiropractic as a career choice was an ideal fit for me.”

Sparks Chiropractor, Dr. Cliff Fisher

Dr. Cliff is the founder and President of Family First Chiropractic. He continues his passion of helping people by practicing chiropractic care in the Sparks, NV office. He promotes teaching patients the methods and philosophy of living a healthy way of life through chiropractic care and believes children should be raised to express their innate greatness and potential by teaching parents the chiropractic principles of health and methods for raising drug-free children.

The Miracle that Led to Chiropractic

By the time Dr. Cliff was only 17 years old, he had been in two serious car accidents and suffered multiple football concussions. “I was a mess. I was taking eight Advil a day for daily headaches, and I experienced constant neck and low back pain.”

He also stuttered badly and developed memory problems from his injuries, with an inability to function “normally.” Out of desperation, Dr. Cliff began to see a chiropractor. The doctor he chose specialized in upper cervical adjusting and shortly after initiating care, Dr. Cliff’s symptoms began to disappear, one by one. “Chiropractic saved my life.”

A Proud Palmer Grad

Because of the philosophy of chiropractic and the fact that the body could heal with a drug free approach, Dr. Cliff decided to become a chiropractor. He attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Mastering the upper cervical technique, Dr. Cliff joined the ranks of less than 150 doctors who are qualified to give the type of care that is provided at Family First Chiropractic.

Passionate Empowerment

What inspires Dr. Cliff? “People getting their lives back.”

Dr. Cliff is passionate about empowering his patients to choose the kind of healthcare that’s right for them. He’s also dedicated to helping people plow through the confusing maze of healthcare information available today, and supports his patients unconditionally.

Life Outside the Office

In his spare time, Dr. Clift walks, runs, practices yoga with Alex his daughter and is a soccer coach for his son Nate. He also loves spending time with his kids enjoying games and the outdoors. He’s involved with local community organizations such as The Humane Society and the Children’s Cabinet. This is a group that tries to ensure that every child and family has the services and resources to meet fundamental development, care and learning needs.

Dr. Cliff is also a sponsor of the local Women’s Shelter.

“I feel blessed to help my patients regain their lives through chiropractic.” You can be next! Call us today at 775 337 0184 to schedule a visit with us.

Dr. Cliff Fisher | Sparks Chiropractor | 775 337 0184