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The Doctors of Family First Chiropractic

Sparks Chiropractor, Dr. Cliff FisherDr. Cliff Fisher

Dr. Cliff is the founder and President of Family First Chiropractic. He continues his passion of helping people by practicing chiropractic care in the Sparks, NV office.

He promotes teaching patients the methods and philosophy of living a healthy way of life through chiropractic care and believes children should be raised to express their innate greatness and potential by teaching parents the Chiropractic Principals of health and methods for raising drug-free children.

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Chiropractor, Dr. Jack NolleDr. Jack Nolle

Reno location Clinic Director, Dr. Jack J. Nolle enjoys teaching, learning, and sharing with patients, peers, and the public his knowledge of health and chiropractic. Raised in Reno, NV, Dr. Jack attended the University of Nevada and then proudly served our county in the United States Navy for eight honorable years.

Dr. Jack feels that with our standard healthcare system we’re exposed to significant medical waste, which impacts the health of our planet. “Chiropractic is environmentally sensitive…it’s a clean health care system.”

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Sparks Chiropractor, Dr. Rick SweckerDr. Rick Swecker

Dr. Rick is passionate about changing the world’s notion of what healthcare is. “It’s not drugs or surgery, it’s a natural approach to healing.” The Northern Nevada native also educates his patients about topics such as nutrition and stress reduction, and he works to help athletes at every level of training and competition.

Dr. Rick’s interest in chiropractic took root in high school. After reading a book about the body’s ability to heal itself, he realized it didn’t make sense to use drugs that could interfere with that ability.

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Sparks Chiropractor, Dr. Steve PerryDr. Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry joined Family First Chiropractic in 2011. From the beginning, Dr. Steve’s passion can be seen through his dedication to improving the quality of life for his patients. His gentle and caring manner naturally draws people to him and he has become the lead presenter in our New Patient and Advanced Consultation Classes.

A graduate from Life West Chiropractic College in 2010, Dr. Steve is originally from Sacramento, CA. His calling to become a chiropractor came at any early age when he was introduced to the master control system of the body, the brain. Since that day in second grade, he has continued to have a fascination about how nature and the body work together.

Dr. Steve is married to Natalie and they have three daughters.


Reno Chiropractor, Dr. Rachel RObisonDr. Rachel Robison

Dr. Rachel is a Reno native who graduated from the University of Nevada. She then earned her Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2007. Chiropractic has always been a part of Dr. Rachel’s life. She received her first adjustment at six weeks old and believes that chiropractic is important because it looks at the body as a whole. She says “Chiropractic allows people to do the things they love in life.”

She enjoys working at Family First Chiropractic because “FFC treats everyone like family and that is how I live my life. My friends are my family and I love that it continues where I work.”

Dr. Rachel has traveled abroad to take chiropractic to those in Fiji and has provided chiropractic care to Ironman athletes at the Kona Ironman in 2006. A health conscious individual, Dr. Rachel is a vegetarian, loves to do yoga and enjoys being outdoors. Some of her other hobbies include traveling and attending live music shows.

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Dr. Harry Heeder Dr. Harry

A love of teaching, people and working with his hands was the driving force behind Dr. Harry Heeder’s choice of chiropractic as a career. Always in service to others, it was natural for Dr. Heeder to choose a career where a strong focus on healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Dr. Heeder’s expertise is in releasing accumulated stress within the body’s nervous system. Chiropractic increases your ability to adapt to life’s stressors and re-establishes proper nerve communication so that you reduce your risk for chronic disease and increase your ability to stay active and healthy as you age.

As the uncle of a suspected vaccine-injured child, he has become increasingly active sharing with the public what he learns about vaccine safety and the inherent risks to give parents a more complete perspective.

He and his wife Nicole have been married 13 years and enjoy kayaking, beaches, cooking, concerts, camping and Halloween.


Dr. Aaron McJones

Dr. Aaron McJones was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno, where he received a Bachelors degree in Community Health Science. Following his degree at UNR, Aaron found a passion for the healthcare field when he began working as a physical therapy aid.

Through his work in physical therapy, he discovered that helping others was his calling. Aaron attended a talk at family first chiropractic where the president of Life west chiropractic college spoke about chiropractic. That’s when Aaron found his true passion—chiropractic.

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