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Prenatal Care at Family First Chiropractic

Pregnancy chiropractor in RenoOur doctors are very highly trained in prenatal care and consider it a MUST for any pregnant woman. Prenatal care will help reduce stress on the mom and the unborn child.

The Effect on Your Baby

Pregnant woman experience many physical and hormonal changes in their body during pregnancy. These changes can affect the birthing process and your baby.

If your pelvis is misaligned, it may decrease the amount of room available for the developing fetus. Misalignment of the pelvis can lead to breech or posterior positioning of the baby, resulting in excessive pain and C-section.

If the pelvis is unbalanced, it makes it difficult for the baby to get into the optimum position for delivery. Pelvic imbalance makes it challenging to have a natural, non-invasive birth.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

  • Keeps you healthy and strong during your pregnancy
  • Helps decrease the intensity of labor
  • Can shorten labor by 50%-80% and make delivery easier
  • Eliminates back labor
  • Controls morning sickness
  • Helps to insure good development of the fetus

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