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Family First Chiropractic Reviews

Reno Families love Family First Chiropractic!

At Family First Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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All of the staff was extremely positive, happy, friendly and made me feel like a human and not just a walking dollar sign. Everyone was just so nice and knowledgeable, it’s so nice to have that in today’s hectic world.

Nadia E.

Let me start out by saying that the staff at the sparks office is amazing. Always happy, always making me feel welcome. I do have my favorites( I know I’m not supposed to but who are we kidding?!) But before I get to those 2 know that I love this place, and these people.
Now for my faves… Chase and Dr. Aaron… Chase was my intake nurse…x-ray tech person, he is awesome. The dude knows his stuff. He gave me so much awesome info that first appointment, he really did a great job with the first impression of your office.

Dr. Aaron has changed my life. I could not get out of bed in the morning without it looking like a national geographic movie about beached whales, No joke it hurt so bad. this man has done amazing things with my back. I now get out of bed normal, I still have a little zing when I wake up but its 75% better after only a couple of adjustments I cant wait to see how I feel in the coming weeks. Dr. Aaron’s customer service is also on point. I always look forward to coming, not only because I know the pain will soon be gone but because I know Dr. Aaron and his team will always have a smile waiting for me and their other patients. Thanks for kicking butt guys. I will forever recommended this Chiropractic office.

Monique B.
My first appointment was very professional and informational. I am looking forward to positive results.

Susan T. 

Absolutely amazing staff. Sat down and talks to you like a person. Very helpful! Walked away feeling like a new man my first adjustment. Very professional and would recommend Family First to everyone!

Veron F. 

Amazing office. The entire staff is extremely helpful and Dr. Rick has done an amazing job to help me come back from my injury.

Christina S. 

I was very impressed with the friendliness of all I came in contact with on my first visit…..they made me very comfortable and informed through the whole process. I will definitely refer others to Family First Chiropractic.

Donna R. 

Back feels great. Dr. Jack listened to my needs and took care of me!

Taylor S.

You guys rock! I thank Bev A. for referring me to you guys!

Lisa L. 


  • “Dr. Cliff and the Family First Chiropractic team truly have the magic touch – from the Doctor’s genuine care and concern for your health, to the amazing and thoughtful staff – every experience with them has been wonderful!”

    -Melissa A.
  • We both feel vibrant and more youthful! With more confident in running and personal records being set, and the ability to play with our kids and getting personal records in weight lifting, we thank Family First Chiropractic!

    -Andrea and David G.
  • Awesome staff and doctor. Very pleased.

    -Robert K.
  • Very helpful and friendly staff. Great first experience!

    -Tamara M.
  • I love you guys!!!!

    -Karen J.
  • Felt very well taken care of. Staff was really friendly and courteous.

    -Linda M.
  • Very good experience! So much so that my husband and dad are coming in for a consult too.  I was super impressed that Dr. Cliff called me after my first adjustment to see how I was doing. I am happy to have found and joined the family.

    -Alisa R.
  • Excellent customer service! The staff was very friendly and informative. I was very nervous and felt really relieved and cared for after my visit.

    -Andrea S.
  • Very warm, inviting staff!!! I love every visit!!

    -Maegan T.
  • The entire staff is so friendly and warm! And exceptionally knowledgeable within their scope. Very, very impressed at their thoroughness and ability to connect to people!

    -Ericka M.
  • Family first is the best! I’ve never had better customer service.

    -Justin M.
  • The staff and Dr. Jack Nolle made me feel like they cared about my health concerns the moment I arrived. The feeling that I am being carefully looked at and listened to creates the best base for us to work together as a team on the road to better health. Thank you for your kindness and expertise.

    -Shelley F.
  • I’m so glad I not only decided to see a chiropractor but decided to see Family First Chiropractic , never been happier with the service and staff!!

    -Julie T.
  • High tech, professional and friendly!

    -Shannon E.
  • The passion and positive energy of the entire staff is refreshing! Family First Chiropractic should be observed by other practices to implement this type of business model.

    -Tiffany M.
  • I have been to a few chiropractors in the past and none of them have done a x-ray or scan of my back and neck. The moment I walked into family first I was given a x-ray and shown just how twisted my spine is and was given a realistic time frame on how long it will take to correct. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I can already feel a lot more balance and less stiffness in muscles that have been locked up for literally year’s. Thank you to all of the staff at family first for showing me what a real chiropractor can do.

    -Windy H.
  • “…the best chiropractor around! Dr. Cliff has changed my family’s life for the better! Love him and his dedication to his patients!!”

    -Indy C.
  • My recovery has been fantastic! My mobility has completely returned. Muscles do not hurt. No more stinging debilitating pain. Believe me when I say I was in a bad way when I came in. It is incredible, really, how much better I feel, I crawled in, I walked out!

    -Brett S.
  • Very friendly staff.

    -Harold M.
  • Everybody at your office is so perky and upbeat! Seems like a great cohesive group of people who love what they do!

    -Ann P.
  • Extremely impressed by helpfulness and thoroughness of staff, looking forward to spending the next six months with you guys!

    -Trent H.
  • The staff is very friendly and understanding, and the doctors are great and easy to talk to. I look forward to my future visits and am confident they will help me achieve better overall health!

    -Jace G.
  • Your whole staff is excellent.

    -Marcelle G.
  • Family First is absolutely amazing, not just at what they do, but how they do it. I like feeling welcomed and wanted when I walk in the door, not like I’m an inconvenience to them. I recommend Family First to everyone I know.

    -Mason H.
  • Dr. Rachel Whitman was awesome! She was very helpful, and intuitive. I highly recommend her. Additionally, the rest of the staff was very helpful, and kind.

    -Meghan W.
  • I’m really glad I came in, very well run.

    -Ed B.
  • WOW! amazing staff, expert medical care. I’m excited!

    -Madelyn M.
  • I love Family First Chiropractic and Dr. Rick.

    -Kelly D.
  • I can still run because of Dr. Rick! My children are both athletes and Dr. Clifford and Dr. Rick take great care of them to keep them at the top of their game! Thank you Family First Team! It’s not about cracking. It’s about total body health!!

    -Dawn G.
  • Awesome Staff and healing received with overall wellness for my mind, body, and soul. Bless you, all, Ashley, Holly and Rachel.

    -Debra B.
  • Truly a wonderful experience. The customer service is absolutely wonderful.

    -Pete M.
  • When it came time to deliver our second child, Dr. Cliff was contacted. He was thorough and gentle during the newborn exam. I can’t say good enough things about the staff and Chiropractors at Family First. They’re a good group of professionals to trust with your entire family.

    -Carrie J.

It’s a great group of people and feel very comfortable with them. They make sure that we are taken care of while we are in Reno!

Dianne C.


Everyone at Family First Chiropractic treated me like family. I looked forward to my appointments because I had hope and knew I would get well. I have regained my complete health. It is as if I never had suffered like I did (for those 4-5 weeks). I have my health and life back.

Tom K. 


Back in September my daughter Bella was hit in the head at school and suffered from a concussion. Nothing was offering our daughter and relief from her chronic headaches. Finally, after months of feeling hopeless for our daughter Family First Chiropractic offered not only a plan but true results. My husband and I were so thankful and happy to have our daughter feeling healthy and happy again.

Stephanie H. 


I aspire to be a great triathlete and training is a big part of that. I could not train due to my lower back, but now my lower back pain no longer causes me to stop or limit training and my overall quality of life has improved.

Derrick F. (06/2014)


Family First Chiropractic is a life changing experience. After just a few appointments my dizziness was gone. It was amazing and it didn’t come back!!! I no longer fear feeling sick and dizzy. They focus on total health without medication. I’m so happy I found them.

Donna L.


I initially contacted Family First Chiropractic towards the end of last summer as I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my right leg due to sciatica. The sciatica had first appeared in late 2013, and I had been having to use a cane to walk ever since then. i was going through intense chemotherapy at the time and I was just too weak to deal with it. As I began feeling better, I was fortunate to find Family First Chiropractic through my Senior Care Health insurance provider directory.

I was so well treated right from them beginning that I started feeling better immediately. The staff was so welcoming and did a thorough analysis of my condition. I started treatment with Dr. Cliff who assured me that he could take care of the sciatica, and within a few weeks, I was no longer having to use my cane to get around.

I also attended the Eat Well Move Well Think Well classes, and I gained so much help and information from them. I have been touched by the skill and kindness of everyone at Family First Chiropractic, and I now have no more pain in my leg. I feel 1000% better. I am very grateful for everyone there.

- Lea H.

My husband and I began treatments at Family First Chiropractic several months ago. We thought the idea of frequent visits for ourselves much less our children was a bit unnecessary and overindulgent when we began. We also questioned the safety of our children. After seeing our own amazing results with migraine reduction, improved memory, and less general fatigue; our confidence in the way Family First Chiropractics grew significantly. My family and I are impressed by the way they educate and use up to date technology in forming a plan for treatment.

After reading up on how chiropractics could and have benefited children and seeing the words bed wetting on the list prompted my husband and I to entrust this office with our children. They were very informative and gentle and my children enjoyed the treatment, much to my surprise. After two treatments my youngest child quit bed wetting all together. My oldest child had fewer accidents at night as well. I am so amazed and surprised that such a simple solution was found for an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing problem for my children.

Thank you Family First Chiropractic for educating us and for being so safe, thorough and providing phenomenal health improvements in my family and I.

- Mrs. Openshaw


I had hip, back and neck pain for nearly eight years with little relief. I was no longer able to swim, hike or exercise as much as I wanted and it also affected my sleep patterns and quality of life.

The difference since starting care at Family First Chiropractic is amazing! The thoroughness exhibited was incredible with x-rays and analysis. Within 3 weeks of treatment my pain was almost eliminated and I am now swimming and sleeping better.

In addition to better athletic performance and sleep, my mood is upbeat. I finally feel hopeful and optimistic that I do not have to live with chronic pain the rest of my life.

Family First is far and way the best chiropractic treatment I have ever experienced. I no longer feel exhausted and drained at the end of the day and my outlook for the future is bright. Thank you so much!

- Lisa R




Our entire family is adjusted regularly including our 2 year old son. He knows Dr. Cliff by name and loves giving him a hug or high five on the way out the door. We have a baby girl on the way and Dr. Cliff will be one of the very first people that she meets! Chiropractic has also helped so much with the aches and pains that go along with pregnancy!

You will never meet a team of people that cares about their patients as much as this group! Family first is truly how they run this office. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by energetic office staff that really know your family as people and are genuinely excited to see you!

We are so grateful for this group of loving people!

- Gayton Family


I had severe headaches and some migraines. My upper and lower back were killing me all the time. Now the headaches are gone and my back is a whole lot better. I very seldom have pain anymore and I’ve been able to resume going to the gym

Terry V.


My son Jexyn has had ear problems since he was 4 months old. He had 2 sets of tubes in his ears. However, the ENT doctor could not figure out why his ears would drain so badly every week and was about to send us to Stanford to have my son’s ears checked out. Moreover, he was almost certain they would have to perform surgery and cut Jexyn’s eardrum open to check for abnormalities and/or and infection. As his mom, I was determined to try a non-invasive and natural approach. Discovering Dr. Cliff and Family First Chiropractic was an answer to prayer, saving my son from being cut open when he really didn’t need to be!

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Since we started coming to Family First Chiropractic 4 months ago, his ear draining issues have stopped completely. Jexyn hasn’t had to go to the ENT doctor every week to be strapped down and have a long needle like instrument inserted in his ears to “vacuum” them out. He doesn’t need ear drops, an ear dryer medication etc, like he used to need DAILY before the BIG blessing of Dr. Cliff’s chiropractic care!

Also – my son is terrified of doctors because of what he has gone through in his short 2 years, however we call Dr. Cliff “The Nice Doctor”. He is amazing with my son and the way he adjusts him does not hurt him! Jexyn smiles before we arrive at Family First Chiropractic, while we are then and after we leave.

Our family highly recommends Dr. Cliff and the whole kind and amazing team at Family First Chiropractic.

- Kila P.


Dr. Cliff and his team are far beyond amazing! Our family has been going to Family First Chiropractic for just under 2 years now. We had a very hard time getting pregnant with our first child. After many rounds of fertility drugs we decided to see Dr. Cliff. Within that first month of getting adjusted we became pregnant!

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Dr. Cliff helped change our life. From there, my husband and I continued to get adjusted throughout my pregnancy and we believe my labor and delivery went incredibly smooth and fast because of the continued adjustments. Since then we had a second child and both our kids get regular adjustments every 2 weeks – since they were 3 days old! We recommend this team of doctors to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

The whole team at the Sparks office is absolutely amazing and we look forward to seeing each and every one of them every time we go in. Thank you Family First Chiropractic for everything you have done for our family!

- The Caldwell Family 


I had a neck issue that got progressively worse; I suffered with it for about 15-20 years. I did try other chiropractors years ago – to no avail. As time went on I wasn’t able to tolerate it as much.

Since starting care with Family First Chiropractic I am 100% better. My neck, shoulders and back of head have not felt this good in years. I have benefited from more energy because I am feeling so much better. My quality of life has definitely improved! Family First Chiropractic is fantastic—professional—extremely friendly!

- Heidi L.



I started seeing a chiropractor 9 years ago for pain in my hips. While maintaining my chiropractic care, I was able to see an improvement in not only the comfort in my hips, but I also experienced fewer headaches and migraines. I have heard about how chiropractic care can help pregnant women but I was a little skeptical. I asked a friend what her birth was like after having consistent care, and she mentioned that it helped with the length of time she was in labor.

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Knowing this, when I became pregnant in March, I immediately told Dr. Cliff Fisher that I was expecting. I knew that he would be so excited for me since he has always been a personable and caring doctor, but he also wanted me to get the best care possible. He recommended that I visit every other week during all three trimesters. I have consistently seen Dr. Cliff and Dr. Jack during my pregnancy. Throughout this pregnancy, I have experience little to no discomfort. I have slept soundly and have had only minor discomfort during these final weeks. What little discomfort I have felt, I have always been able to tell Dr. Jack and he is able to find ways to fix it or suggest techniques or resources to make me more comfortable and healthy. He has also offered to see me even if the office is closed to address any discomforts that I may have between appointments.

I work with another woman that is due two days before me. She often mentions how uncomfortable she is and how little sleep she is getting. I believe I am more comfortable and healthy because of the consistent care that I have received from Dr. Cliff and Dr. Jack during my pregnancy. I am excitedly looking forward to my baby’s birthday because I am confident that it will be quick and easy with my body in perfect alignment.

- Lauren T. 


My pain was so severe in my back and neck that I would have to lay down because I could not bear to sit anymore. My doctor referred me to Family First Chiropractic and now I am feeling great! My mind is off my injury and I am very happy with the results so far. I was skeptical because I tried physical therapy for so long which didn’t work, but this has worked great!

- Kevin S.


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