It's Time To

Evolve Your Health

An online community designed to educate and evolve alongside patients' journey to healthier, happier lives.

Divided into four pillars of focus, Family First Chiropractic's Evolutionary Series will educate and encourage patients to: Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well, and Recover Well in Sparks NV. Educational resources, videos, and inspiration from the Family First doctors will be released online through a series of weekly courses. The Evolutionary Series members will also have access to an exclusive Facebook page, fostering connection and support among their community.



    Movement is an essential nutrient that benefits the brain and body, just as oxygen and food do. Move Well is designed to help you find sustainable strategies that will guide you to MOVE at whatever stage of life you are in, pushing you in new ways and challenging you to evolve your movement skills.


    We all have different relationships with food due to our diverse upbringing, culture, and experiences. Eat Well aims to educate and empower you to make better choices with what, when, and why you consume food. What we eat is not only used for energy, but also the building blocks of every component of our bodies.


    Thinking well is fundamental in creating, maintaining, and evolving our ability to adapt to stress. Through the Think Well module, our goal is to empower each individual to harness their ability to consistently Think Well, in turn increasing their resiliency both mentally and physically.


    Every stress in our lives has the potential to help us get stronger and become more adaptable, ONLY IF we allow ourselves the proper recovery. Recover Well is about training ourselves to transform our daily practices, like breathing or sleeping, in a way that helps to heal our body.

Ready to Kickstart

Your Health Journey?

What To Expect

  • Weekly guides created by your team of Family First doctors

  • Community support and motivation

  • Exclusive access to the doctors outside of your regular appointments

  • Tailored workout, stretching, movement, and breathing modules

  • Nutritional guides and recipes

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