The Family First Chiropractic Philosophy of Care In Sparks NV

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Chiropractic care embodies the art, science, and philosophy of caring for the body by assisting our innate intelligence in adapting to the physical, chemical, and mental stressors of life. Our chiropractic team in Sparks NV wants to share their philosophy of care with you on your wellness journey.

Understanding the Nervous System in Sparks NV

Your central nervous system, protected within your spine, sends important messages to and from your brain and every organ system in your body. When your nervous system functions appropriately, you can adapt properly to internal and external stressors.

Innate Intelligence

Innate intelligence is the guiding force leading us toward health, wellness, and optimal living. Every living organism, including yourself, has an innate intelligence that coordinates every action required to promote life, adaptability, and healing.


Physical, chemical, or emotional stress in your daily life interferes with your nervous system’s ability to communicate effectively. When this happens, you experience subluxation, which can turn into dysfunction, symptoms, and disease over time.


Adjustments are special forces applied to your body to correct subluxation patterns and bring the body into a state of balance, ease, and optimal healing capacity. At Family First, adjustments are complemented by nervous system re-patterning, soft tissue work, and ongoing support and resources for better movement, nutrition, mindset, and recovery habits.

Pillars of Wellness

In our wellness journey, we can make lifestyle choices that increase our adaptability to life’s stressors. Each of these choices falls into one of the pillars for wellness, and when we embrace these practices, you’ll find more ease in your day-to-day life.

Eat Well

Eating well is an act of self-care—every choice we make contributes either negatively or positively to our overall well-being. Together we can expand and evolve our consciousness around healthy choices for our individual bodies.

Move Well

Our quality of life is directly impacted by our daily movements. Our bodies are designed for diverse purposes. When we engage in regular, supportive movement, the systems within our bodies function better, and we experience an overall improvement in our health.

Think Well

Together, we can strive towards evolving our ability to think well. When we develop self-assurance, connection, and trust, we become more resilient to life’s challenges. As a result, our bodies are better prepared to adapt to stress, reducing our pain and discomfort.

Recover Well

Recovery focuses on addressing the mental, physical, and emotional stress accumulated throughout each day. Most of this recovery occurs during our sleep. When we recover well, we experience fewer negative symptoms, elevated wellness, and increased stress adaptability.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care preserves your nervous system's integrity and ensures that life's daily challenges do not negatively impact your health. Explore how chiropractic care can help you prioritize your health and well-being.

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