Chiropractic Testimonials

"All of the staff was extremely positive, happy, friendly and made me feel like a human and not just a walking dollar sign. Everyone was just so nice and knowledgeable, it’s so nice to have that in today’s hectic world."

- Nadia E.

"Let me start out by saying that the staff at the sparks office is amazing. Always happy, always making me feel welcome. I do have my favorites( I know I’m not supposed to but who are we kidding?!) But before I get to those 2 know that I love this place, and these people.

Now for my faves… Chase and Dr. Aaron… Chase was my intake nurse…x-ray tech person, he is awesome. The dude knows his stuff. He gave me so much awesome info that first appointment, he really did a great job with the first impression of your office.

Dr. Aaron has changed my life. I could not get out of bed in the morning without it looking like a national geographic movie about beached whales, No joke it hurt so bad. this man has done amazing things with my back. I now get out of bed normal, I still have a little zing when I wake up but its 75% better after only a couple of adjustments I cant wait to see how I feel in the coming weeks. Dr. Aaron’s customer service is also on point. I always look forward to coming, not only because I know the pain will soon be gone but because I know Dr. Aaron and his team will always have a smile waiting for me and their other patients. Thanks for kicking butt guys. I will forever recommended this Chiropractic office."

- Monique B.

"My first appointment was very professional and informational. I am looking forward to positive results."

- Susan T.

"Absolutely amazing staff. Sat down and talks to you like a person. Very helpful! Walked away feeling like a new man my first adjustment. Very professional and would recommend Family First to everyone!"

- Veron F.

"Amazing office. The entire staff is extremely helpful and Dr. Rick has done an amazing job to help me come back from my injury."

- Christina S.

"I was very impressed with the friendliness of all I came in contact with on my first visit…..they made me very comfortable and informed through the whole process. I will definitely refer others to Family First Chiropractic."

- Donna R.

"Back feels great. Dr. Jack listened to my needs and took care of me!"

- Taylor S.

"You guys rock! I thank Bev A. for referring me to you guys!"

- Lisa L.

"Dr. Rachel Whitman was awesome! She was very helpful, and intuitive. I highly recommend her. Additionally, the rest of the staff was very helpful, and kind."

- Meghan W.

"Very helpful and friendly staff. Great first experience!"

- Tamara M.

"High tech, professional and friendly!"

- Shannon E.

"The staff and Dr. Jack Nolle made me feel like they cared about my health concerns the moment I arrived. The feeling that I am being carefully looked at and listened to creates the best base for us to work together as a team on the road to better health. Thank you for your kindness and expertise."

- Shelley F.

"Family First is absolutely amazing, not just at what they do, but how they do it. I like feeling welcomed and wanted when I walk in the door, not like I’m an inconvenience to them. I recommend Family First to everyone I know."

- Mason H.

"Awesome Staff and healing received with overall wellness for my mind, body, and soul. Bless you, all, Ashley, Holly and Rachel."

- Debra B.

"The passion and positive energy of the entire staff is refreshing! Family First Chiropractic should be observed by other practices to implement this type of business model."

- Tiffany M.

"Felt very well taken care of. Staff was really friendly and courteous."

- Linda M.

"Everybody at your office is so perky and upbeat! Seems like a great cohesive group of people who love what they do!"

- Ann P.

"Very friendly staff."

- Harold M.

"The staff is very friendly and understanding, and the doctors are great and easy to talk to. I look forward to my future visits and am confident they will help me achieve better overall health!"

- Jace G.

"I’m really glad I came in, very well run."

- Ed B.

"Very good experience! So much so that my husband and dad are coming in for a consult too. I was super impressed that Dr. Cliff called me after my first adjustment to see how I was doing. I am happy to have found and joined the family."

- Alisa R.

"My recovery has been fantastic! My mobility has completely returned. Muscles do not hurt. No more stinging debilitating pain. Believe me when I say I was in a bad way when I came in. It is incredible, really, how much better I feel, I crawled in, I walked out!"

- Brett S.

"I have been to a few chiropractors in the past and none of them have done a x-ray or scan of my back and neck. The moment I walked into family first I was given a x-ray and shown just how twisted my spine is and was given a realistic time frame on how long it will take to correct. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I can already feel a lot more balance and less stiffness in muscles that have been locked up for literally year’s. Thank you to all of the staff at family first for showing me what a real chiropractor can do."

- Windy H.

"We both feel vibrant and more youthful! With more confident in running and personal records being set, and the ability to play with our kids and getting personal records in weight lifting, we thank Family First Chiropractic!"

- Andrea and David G.

"…the best chiropractor around! Dr. Cliff has changed my family’s life for the better! Love him and his dedication to his patients!!"

- Indy C.

"I’m so glad I not only decided to see a chiropractor but decided to see Family First Chiropractic , never been happier with the service and staff!!"

- Julie T.

"Extremely impressed by helpfulness and thoroughness of staff, looking forward to spending the next six months with you guys!"

- Trent H.

"I love you guys!!!!"

- Karen J.

"Dr. Cliff and the Family First Chiropractic team truly have the magic touch – from the Doctor’s genuine care and concern for your health, to the amazing and thoughtful staff – every experience with them has been wonderful!"

- Melissa A.

"Awesome staff and doctor. Very pleased."

- Robert K.

"When it came time to deliver our second child, Dr. Cliff was contacted. He was thorough and gentle during the newborn exam. I can’t say good enough things about the staff and Chiropractors at Family First. They’re a good group of professionals to trust with your entire family."

- Carrie J.

"Excellent customer service! The staff was very friendly and informative. I was very nervous and felt really relieved and cared for after my visit."

- Andrea S.

"I can still run because of Dr. Rick! My children are both athletes and Dr. Clifford and Dr. Rick take great care of them to keep them at the top of their game! Thank you Family First Team! It’s not about cracking. It’s about total body health!!"

- Dawn G.

"Your whole staff is excellent."

- Marcelle G.

"I love Family First Chiropractic and Dr. Rick."

- Kelly D.

"Family first is the best! I’ve never had better customer service."

- Justin M.

"Truly a wonderful experience. The customer service is absolutely wonderful."

- Pete M.

"The entire staff is so friendly and warm! And exceptionally knowledgeable within their scope. Very, very impressed at their thoroughness and ability to connect to people!"

- Ericka M.

"WOW! amazing staff, expert medical care. I’m excited!"

- Madelyn M.

"Very warm, inviting staff!!! I love every visit!!"

- Maegan T.

"I love you guys!!!!"

- Karen J.


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